Egyptians made mummies earlier than thought
The ancient mummification yarns were coated in tree resin and aromatic plant extracts that had powerful antibacterial properties.

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So, i read this awful article using bathroom “scare tactics,” which was claiming that trans women are potential rapists. “Men” who dress as women to gain access to women only spaces and force them self on women. This really upset me and i had a bit of a Twitter rant. They were read by others and i was urged to post them in other media also, so i am posting them here. (Edited together in easy reading format from top to bottom.)

This is the link in the first tweet about how there are no cases of a trans woman attacking a cis woman in public restrooms: Link 1.

This is the link in the second tweet about the cases where trans people are assaulted in the bathroom by cis people: Link 2.

if you’re cis and you follow me i’m gonna need you to reblog this

don’t care if you’re cis or trans, this is important.


into the sea by aimeelikestotakepics


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The “facekini,” which completely covers the face to protect swimmers from the effects of the sun and jellyfish stings, is particularly popular in the coastal city of Qingdao, China, where Getty photographer Kevin Frayer made these pictures of female bathers (so far, the habit has not caught on with men.) We may not be able to see their faces, but instead of appearing anonymous, the accumulation of telling details allows a distinct character to emerge from each of the portraits.
Photo credit: Kevin Frayer

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I was just explaining to my friends how bald eagles are like pigeons in Alaska.


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